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Track Your Metrics

Pre-designed surveys to simplify assessments

What does TYM offer?

A self-reporting tool that empowers you to make data-driven decisions

Survey Formulation

Formulate effective surveys using our pre-packaged survey

Digital Data Collection

Collect regular data on your Android devices even in the no network spaces.

Data Visualisation

View survey responses in the form of multiple charts

Report Generation

Prepare a report to present to potential funders and donors

Who can use TYM?

Pre-designed surveys for you to pick from!

Use standardised, field-tested surveys drawn from the works of international and national organisations, as well as sectoral leaders

Select the sector and sub-sector in which you are working

Filter through an exhaustive list of indicators to view surveys

Select relevant questions from a wide range of surveys to formulate your own survey

Get started! Collect responses from relevant stakeholders

What are the types of surveys you can build using TYM?

Create a survey of your choice. No coding required.

Needs Assessment

Baseline Study

Midline Study

Endline Study

Process/ Implementation Evaluation

Outcome/ Effective Evaluation

Impact Evaluation

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